Use Dankort when you shop

The Danish consumers have paid using Dankort since 1983 and today Dankort is the Danes' preferred payment card. Pay quickly and easily using contactless in the stores or use your Dankort when you shop online.

There are many benefits for you as a consumer by paying with Dankort, see some of them below.

Women paying using mobile phone in bakery
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Online transactions with Dankort

As an added layer of security, you may encounter a security solution when you shop with your Dankort in online shops.

The solution is made on the basis of requirements from the EU and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. You must use either the NemID app, the electronic NemID key viewer or you can choose to use a code of your choice + a code you receive via SMS.

You can choose your code, easily register, change and unlink your telephone number via this page

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Contactless Dankort

So many Danish consumers have embraced the contactless Dankort that now more than 75% of all payments are contactless. This success is because contactless payments are quick and secure, as you don’t have to let go of your Dankort when paying.

Purchases below DKK 350 can be made quickly and easily just by holding your Dankort near the terminal without even having to enter your PIN.

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Close-up of contactless payment with Dankort in cafe
Man paying contactless at the counter in a cafe

Dankort as a loyalty card

As a consumer, you can use your Dankort as a loyalty card at a number of stores. This means you don’t have to carry loyalty cards to get your benefits. The benefits are automatically applied as long as you use you Dankort to pay.

Right now, the following stores have linked their customer clubs to Dankort, and more are joining from time to time – you can sign up right now, here:

How to get a Dankort

If you want a Dankort – Denmark’s most-used debit card – with all the benefits it provides, you can get one by contacting your bank.

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Contactless payment with Dankort

Blocking your Dankort

If you’ve lost your Dankort or Visa/Dankort, you can block it 24/7 by phoning +45 44 89 29 29. The block applies to your physical card and to the Dankort app, if you’ve added your card there.